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Drying equipment English comparison table

Drying equipment English comparison table 烘干设备中英文对照表 烘干机Rotary dryer 干燥 dryer或drier 烘干设备 Drying Equipment 沙子烘干机Sand dryer 蒸汽管干燥机 Steam Tube Dryers 污泥烘干机 Sludge Dryer回转烘干机 Rotary Dryer 三滚筒干燥机 Triple drum dryer 三回程烘干机 Three pass dryer

Mine English machinery equipment in foreign trade control table

1、Crushing equipment 破碎设备 颚式破碎机 jaw crusher stone crusher stone jaw crusher 反击式破碎机 impact crusher 锤式破碎机 圆锥式破碎机 cone crusher 反击锤式破碎机 impact hammer crusher 复合式破碎机 compound crusher combination crusher 环锤式破碎机 ring hammer crusher 对辊破碎机 double roller crusher 齿辊式破碎机 toothed roller crusher 2、Sand-making equipment制砂设备 冲击式制砂机 impact sand making machine

jaw crusher jaw plate main problem is low life

Feed blocking is one of the hitch of the jaw crusher .The paper offered by HeNan YuHong Heavy Machinery illuminates the reason why the breakdown occurs and how to avoid it .

How to choose jaw crusher

The hardness and compression strength of stone have a great influence on crusher selection. Generally speaking, PE/PEX series manufactured by Henan Hongji can be used to crush materials whose compression strength is not more than 320Mpa.

How to operate hammer crusher?

1, in order to ensure the maximum yield of hammer crusher, charging must continuously even distribution of the rolls.2, should be regularly check whether the material mouth had blocked phenomenon, and in the motor stopped working to stop before feeding, when material completely dropped, the roll of a power outage, motivation may idling.

Jaw Crusher‘s common malfunction and its remedy

Jaw Crusher common symptom1:a suddenly stop of the host (commonly known as: boring car).Reasons:1)the block of discharge port lead the sealing; 2)the loose of rotation of the belt driving sheave rotating make the belt slip; 3)eccentric shaft bush sleeve is loose, causing the rack bearing no gaps in both sides, so that the eccentric shaft stuck, unable to turn; 4)workplace voltage is too low, which causes the host encounter aniseed,and the inability broken; 5) bearing damage.

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