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jaw crusher jaw plate main problem is low life

    Feed blocking is one of the hitch of the jaw crusher .The paper offered by HeNan YuHong Heavy Machinery illuminates the reason why the breakdown occurs and how to avoid it .Dealing with the issues in time follows.
    First of all,let’s learn about how the jaw crusher (www.crusher-crusher.com/)works.Crushing by curved extrusion is the main method. The movable jaw plate moves up and down along with the movement of the eccentric shaft,which is driven by the motor belt and pulley.The movable jaw plate is pushed closer to the fixed jaw plate when it moves up by the enforce from the larger angle against the toggle plate .At the same time ,the materials are pressed, rubbed and ground.When it moves down,the movable jaw plate moves away from the fixed jaw plate by the pulling of the rods and the springs, the angle becoming smaller and the discharging comes out following.Batch production should be realized by the continuous rotation of the motor and reciprocating motion of the jaw crusher.
    The movable parts of the jaw crusher are composed by two pieces of jaw plate,one of them is the fixed jaw plate bolted in the body on the front wall which is vertical(or upper slightly outward-dipping) ,the other is the movable jaw plate being tilted .A crushing chamber upper bigger is formed between them (working chamber).Along the  reciprocating motion of the two plates,materials feed in and discharges come out when they apart away,the feeding subjecting extrusion, bending and splitting happen to be smashed when the two plates get closer.

How to prevent the material blocking of the jaw crusher?

Jaw crusher daily operation notice (to prevent blocking up ) :
(1) Feeding in during the normal operation of the jaw crusher.
(2) Attention should be paid on not being lateral feeding and fulfilling to avoid unilateral overload and bearing overload ,when the crusher is fed equably.
(3) Fabric materials and the ones much tough are not allowed to feed.
(4) The temperature rise of the bearing should be controlled below 30℃,the maximum temperature is up to 70℃ when working properly.If too high ,the machine should be immediately stopped,check the reason and deal with it.
(5) Non-feeding before stop running ,turn off the power when the discharging done.

How to deal with the material blocking of the jaw crusher?

    Performing the jaw crusher in accordance with the operating instructions could prevent the material blocking effectively.Please shut off the power immediately to stop running in case of the blocking happens.Restarting the machine after cleaning up.
    If it can be avoided or solved effectively when you deal with the problem of material blocking,the machine will work functionally, and your productivity will be increased.As the approach be taken,lifetime is prolonged,the labor burden could be ease and the maintenance time will be shorter,which bring more economic benefits.

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