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HeNan Hean Heavy and HeNan Industrial university signing

HeNan Hean Heavy and HeNan Industrial university manufacture-learning-research base formally signed , Mark HeNan Industrial university of technology has formally settled in my company remarkeble base.Cooperation signing and was inaugurated in 2010 July 6 in my company official hold, this to adhere to the scientific development  Hean Heavy road have very important sense, symbolized our future development into a faster orbit. And henan university of technology cooperation will be Hean Heavy dhi relying on high quality research resource ascension of talent training quality, science and technology, and the ability of independent innovation, lead the development of local economy strategic decision.

Production-study-research base signing ceremony to guests from henan industrial university’s vice-chancellor professor QuLingBo, henan Industrial university  and external ChenFuSheng director, director of henan university , deputy director of foreign cooperation place WangHongJiang and henan university of technology, dean of the college of electrical and mechanical engineering LiYongXiang and henan Industrial university  electromechanical engineering college party secretary LiuNanBo and henan Industrial university, vice President of the college of electrical and mechanical engineering TianYong, ShangJieOu CPPCC ZhangFuXiang, vice chairman ShangJieOu government district zhao, industrial cluster areas, director of the ac LiChunFa, industrial cluster areas administrative committee secretary of the party committee WangXiao, industrial cluster areas the ac executive deputy director ZhangYuanHeng, district secretary for HanZhongQiu, area of industry and information bureau chief ZhangHuaJun leaders and provinces all news media reporter friend.

henan industrial university professor QuLingBo and Hean Heavy CaiJianZhong Speeches, and wish cooperation, limitless beautiful future!


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