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DEPAMU (Hangzhou) Pump Technology Co., Ltd.


DEPAMU (Hangzhou) Pump Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Company) was founded in May 22, 2003, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a production of metering pumps, high pressure reciprocating pump, oil and chemical pumps, chemical dosing packages devices, high-tech enterprises.

The early nineties and Germany's Linus series of high-tech companies in hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, dosing devices combined cooperation and introduce advanced technology, scientific management mode, through the continuous improvement of research and innovation to make our products covered by the scope of application of natural gas petrochemical industry , nuclear power, military, environmental protection, the pharmaceutical industry and other fields, technology has reached the international advanced level.

So far, the company has independently developed a metering pump 86 aircraft seat more than 4000 kinds of specification models, and has developed the world's leading insulation diaphragm pumps, double diaphragm, diaphragm 3, and 4 diaphragm metering pump leak alarms, special performance of pumps. Flow rate up to 60000L/h, a maximum pressure of 100MPa, can deliver the highest temperature 800℃, low temperature -40℃, viscosity, 5800mm/s of the medium, the hydraulic system adopts German Linus hydraulic system with automatic fill oil, automatic venting device , built-in safety valve, no leaks. Counterparts in the company’s products in the world ranking, many types of products are applying for patents for inventions.

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